GPS vehicle tracking system in India @3000/- only Call: 8630136425, vehicle tracking system in india, car tracking system in india, gps vehicle tracking system in india, gps tracking system in india, car gps tracking system india, gps tracking india

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GPS vehicle tracking system in India @3000/- only Call: 8630136425, vehicle tracking system in india, car tracking system in india, gps vehicle tracking system in india, gps tracking system in india, car gps tracking system india, gps tracking india

GPS vehicle tracking system in India, vehicle tracking system in india,  car tracking system in india, gps vehicle tracking system in india, gps tracking system in india, car gps tracking system india, gps tracking india

GPS vehicle tracking system in Delhi


Many of the people are facing the common problem with their lost things day by day it is becoming the difficult task to search the lost product 50 out of 100 people are succeeding and rest of 50 are being fail in their search operation. It may be book, wallet, or any other items. We can replace the above things by buying the new product but what about if we lost a big thing is that can be replaced? Yes, it can be replaced but only for a millionaire. But how about for a common man he cannot be replaced. All he need to do is wait for the lost one but in this modern world it is become quite possible, I am not talking about the replacement of the lost thing. I am talking about tracking the lost fleet or vehicle and finding it. This task was made easy by GPS fleet tracking system you may have questions like what is GPS?  Where it came from? What kind of operation it will perform? Is it costlier? Now I will give the answer for your every question in a detailed manner. For that you need to get back to the early 50’s and 60’s. At the time of world wars United States Defense System faced a common problem like us. At the time of war, they are unable to find their lost vessels or Aircraft or Solders. They faced a very difficult situation in finding the lost things or people. Sometimes it has become worse than they used to face enemies and being trapped by them. Sometimes their search operation become more critical and difficult that they could not find them has to return with empty hands due to lack of proper communication. After facing the lot of failures, the United States Defense System has decided to keep an end for it. They have contacted many scientists to keep an end to this problem permentally. In 1973 three scientists Ivan. A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, and Roger. L. Easton they have invented a new device called Global Positioning System (GPS). It was built in size of Suitcase and easily carriable to any place and can fit to any system. It works with help of satellites that are revolving around the earth. You may wonder that what is the link between the satellites and GPS present on the ground I will explain you clearly. The GPS is of three major segments they are Space Segment, Control Segment and User Segment. Let me get through each thing clearly. The first thing is Space Segment which is linked to the satellites up in the space they revolve in an orbit around the earth they will send and receive the signals which is send from the earth station. Second one is Control segment which receives and send signals from to the other devices through satellites and third one is User segments or simple in our understandable language we can called as the Lost thing in which user segment is equipped in it. Now coming to the working of GPS device. The device has powerful radio signals with matching frequency they will send signals to the space that will receives by the Satellites revolving around the earth in its orbit. It will receive the signals and bounce back the signals to the control segment which is located on another place on earth. The control station receives the matching frequency of the User Segment and locates it exact location. Sometimes the signals may be weaker this is due to the lack of signal capture by the satellites revolving in your location. For that you need to get to the highest position. Coming to the present after fixing of GPS tracking device to the War ships and Aircrafts the defense services has started facing the positive results. And easy in finding the lost things. You may have drought that the same task can done by the radar also. But it’s not true radar is used to find the number of ships or aircrafts around your location it works on sonar frequency it entire a different topic. While coming to our topic after the introduction to the defense system the government had decided to introduce to the civilians in 1995 it was becoming fully operational to the civilians. With various upgradation it was being used in devices like Watches, Mobile phone, Automobiles and Computer Systems etc. it was mostly used in automobiles to track the fleet or vehicle and to know the exact location of the fleet or vehicle. It was used in all kinds of automobiles like Buses, Trucks and Cars. Suppose if you are hired a Truck for the transportation of valuable goods it was being robbed in the mid-way and gone disappear when you gone to take the support of police department they will first enter your GPS signal code and track the exact location of the vehicle and put the criminals behind the bars. It was also used in public transport vehicles also like buses. When you book a bus to go to another city or place you may wonder about the exact departure time and location of the bus by using the GPS device we can see the exact location of the bus and you can estimate the departure time accordingly by this you can save the waiting time instead of waiting for hours for the arrival. It can be used in moto cabs also if you have hired a cab for to reach your destination you can available cabs around the area and find the right one throughout the way you can see the route map in which direction the cab was heading if you thick is there any problem with driver you can contact the emergency numbers and you will be in safe hands. The all the GPS connections of Cab drivers are connected to the Police department they will monitor round the clock. The vehicle tracking device called GPS was made all of us brave enough to travel with our vehicles in safe and secured direction.    


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