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We offer White Label GPS Tracking Software.

GPS Software is usually for vehicle tracking & monitoring purpose to help companies or individuals build a transparent process to accelerate the operations. to track and trace any object somewhere on the earth's surface you have to associate a GPS unit along with the object that sends details of the location and other parameters within an interval time. GPS Software is a kind of cloud-hosted program that receive, read, store and process that data. the software itself is able to display the same data in graphical format the entire process a series of recorded points or connecting entire points with lines as use cases.
GPS Gateway's GPS Software help you with the features like Tracking, Reporting, Vehicle History, Notifications, vehicle Remotely control, Graphical report, Data analytics & insights.

GPS Software for GPS Tracking Business

Our GPS software is designed for multiple industries uses like you will be able to track not only vehicles but also as well other objects, machinery, person and pets also.

GPS Tracking software allows users to see precise vehicle live location via a computer or mobile device, instantly view object driven history and get notifications about fleet Overspeed or stolen which require your immediate attention, generate Analytics reports, control fleet remotely, and much more.

GPS Gateway is a Software company that is working for the GPS Technology revolution as per the industry needs. GPS Gateway encourages startup ecosystems and supports new entrepreneurs to set up their own GPS Tracking business by registering their white label program. we support companies for the GPS Software need to start or retain their existing GPS Tracking business.

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GPS Tracking Software Mobile application can be used for Live tracking of Vehicles and Assets with desired frequency and thus provides the Right location of your vehicle.


Graphical reports to analyse the data and implement changes in the business.


support to multiple languages and ensures convenience to the users.


Software sends various alerts on real time basis like over speed, Geo Fencing, Ignition On / Off, Power Cut and Parking Alerts

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Features | The Complete Fleet Monitoring Software

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Tracking & monitoring

Live Tracking & monitoring with the multiple maps graphical view using any platform that helps you to identify object location.

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Vehicle History

Graphical, Report & map Vehicle-driven history along with all necessary details like stoppage, Overspeed, and other alerts.

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Route Optimization

Software AI algorithm itself with the functionality of best suitable route recommendation to save vehicle performance utilization.

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Fuel, Temprature etc. Reports

The Reporting system of GPS Gateway's GPS Software allows you an advanced reporting system for the sensors data.

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Geofence & POI Marking

Virtual boundaries as a GEOfencing and marking of any point and other related features necessary for the multiple use cases.

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Tracking Timeline

The complete timeline tracking is an advanced detailing functionality for the fleet observation that absolutely helps the companies.

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Data Analytics & Insights

GPS Gateway is the company that allow users to the complete vehicle-related data analytics insights custom dashboard.

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Reporting System

A powerful Reporting engine we have developed according to the different industries use cases that help for custom report sending, monitoring and downloading.

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Mobile, browser & Email notifications

Alerts on vehicle theft, Overspeed, and other events like geofencing in/out, engine start, and many more using cutting-edge technology.

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Rest API & I-Frame

Along with API to integrate Tracking and other functionality with any other software or to the government, GPS Gateway also offers I-frame Tracking.

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Multi Language

GPS Gateway is the Global platform that acquires users from the entire world it's compatible with most used languages.

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Maintience Reminder

Vehicle health-related alerts and recommendations software itself sends to the user on time for better vehicle health & maintenance.

We are a globally accepted Organization

GPS Gateway is a highly experienced , trusted and globally compatible brand in the field of IoT Platform software development.
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You’ll never have to worry about hardware trackers while using our platform! You can choose from a range of trackers. If a tracker works for you, it works for us too! Experience zero hardware compatibility issues with GPS Gateway!

Available on Android and IOS Mobile platforms.

our software is compatible with most operating systems. you can use this GPS software to track your vehicle with any mobile or computer device.

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