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GPS Tracking Software

GPS Gateway having a very good Technical Software development professionals we offer good software as per user experiance along with Mobile Application. GPS Gateway offer White Label GPS Tracking soltuion to Gps Comanies one who don't have their own software or want to outsource GPS Tracking Software.

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Software USP

we are using latest technology for software development by which we can assist you with powerful vehicle tracking solution.

  • Live Tracking
  • Play Back history
  • Replay
  • Group View
  • Distance Travel Report
  • Map View
  • POI Reports
  • Over speed
  • GEO Fencing
  • 10+ type Reports
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Speed Monitoring
  • Halt Report
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Live Tracking Software Demo

We recommand you to kindly go through our software.

Live Tracking

Demo Cradentials
Username : prince
Password: prince

The Fleet Management feature of our software is best suitable for your requirements and will ensure that you can perform your business with complete Peace of Mind with our innovative solutions.

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GPS Gateway is one of the best white label GPS Tracking software provider company. GPS Gateway offers Customer fully customize white label GPS Tracking software. GPS Gateway is a Leading GPS Tracking system provider as well as GPS Tracking mobile application. With Live tracking, all popular GPS Device protocol, Industry need, so you can focus on your core business to acquire new customers and get more business opportunities to Grow your Organization quickly.

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White Label GPS Tracking Software

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GPS Gateway India was founded in the year 2008. Established with a purpose of providing Security and Transportation transparency to the Transporters and logistics as well as other industries.

GPS software can help you for individual tracking also. In our School bus GPS Tracking management system every thing you can tracking about trip or real time location.

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GPS Gateway’s waste Management GPS Tracking system having three different layers to get advance level report of any object. Your team will able to monitor every point wise or vehicle wise report that is really useful for any garbage collecting company.

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Fleets and distribution should be in your control. The fast growing world economy and worldwide transportation offers both opportunities and critical situation for transportation and distribution company. GPS Tracking software help you to organize your distribution network with their GPS Tracking monitoring system that maximize the transparency of your distribution networks.

GPS Tracking system helps you to track attendance of your Driver, their location. You can also track you vehicle daily moment, trip reports, halt time, running status all in real time with our cloud based GPS Tracking solution.

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GPS Gateway having great User experience to your personal or commercial fleet, with the best GPS Tracking software in india. GPS Gateway offers an effective, result oriented and efficient GPS Tracking solution for monitoring your vehicles. It is easiest , advance and user friendly cloud based GPS Tracking system for your valuable fleets in the world. GPS Gateway’s GPS software also provide advance security system for protect your vehicle in the event of theft and recovery. You can reduce unnecessary uses of your vehicle and save money by optimizing environmental impact of your fleet.

GPS Gateway tracking software specially designed by a team of professional hardware and software engineers. GPS Gateway company in located in india but providing GPS Tracking software solution globally.

Today our GPS Tracking software successfully used by thousands of logistics/transport Companies all around india. GPS Gateway gps tracking software is developed to track: vehicle, shipment, car, truck, cargo, boat, people and pets in real-time, get notification, monitoring , trip reports, over speed etc. GPS Gateway GPS Tracking platform allows you to optimize your transportation cost, protect personal objects and much more. We are your support partner will take care of your vehicle tracking software and system while you have to save your time and focus on your core business. We provide documentation , user manual or training and further technical assistance to our partners. We committed that in GPS Gateway you will find valuable, easy to understand user interface GPS Tracking software at lowest price on the market.Kindly evaluate solution and let’s get started with GPS Gateway’s Powerful GPS Tracking platform.

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GPS Gateway continuously helping companies worldwide to setup Profitable GSP Tracking business with GPS Tracking White Label software solutions. In our assistance start your own Vehicle tracking business today, buy a White Label GPS Tracking software for the batter quality GPS Tracking solution on the market. Our experience and qualified team will setup GPS Tracking server and undertake all technical issues for you. In our White label GPS Tracking program we introduce your company (name, logo etc.) and customize it as per your region requirement like language, customer base etc.further we will support you for technical and training.

GPS Tracking is necessary at this time due to security reason we provide multiple plans for Device and software that can control one to one thousand objects. Our GPS Tracking software can be accessed from any where in the world being hosted on cloud. GPS Gateway providing a white label GPS Tracking platform that include all kinds of features and tracking solutions to transport and logistics firms. Most of the GPS manufacturers in the world has been shared protocol with us that really make software powerful with others. All popular trackers is compatible with our GPS Tracking server and our partners can customize the user interface of the software with their own brand logo. GPS Tracking server present all kinds of reports on distance travelled, ignition , speed , visited places and travelling history. All information also associated with white label GPS tracking software you can access any time any where. W have also developed mobile application to keep track of any vehicle and individual. The application having a feature to send regular notifications updating on you whenever tracker leaves a certain zone, over speed, ignition on etc.

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You can set up these geo fencing ares or frequently travelled areas such as home, office, warehouse , school with the application.our GPS Tracking application is compatible with all smart phone devices. Some assets trackers with high mah battery backup only need to be charge once can be used for a month. Most of the devices can be easily connect with our software. GPS Gateway Provides a Complete and professional Transportation management solution Designed to resolve End to end industry problem.

GPS Gateway known to bring you most reliable GPS Transportation management software solutions, through a combination of World class programming software technologies Platform like MVC and Most reliable high quality GPS hardware.

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GPS Gateway is a Young, dynamic and fast growing Company, working with the vision at providing High end advance technology platform for GPS Tracking. We are providing services in different domains like manufacturing, Health, Security, Travelling, Food Industry & technology.

GPS Gateway team always maintain long term relationship with our customer to approach right solution and very good customer support. We have our unique identity in GPS Tracking software market share just because of our solution and professional behaviour.

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GPS Gateway Features

We offer world class features in feet Managment soltions to Track any where any time.

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Real Time / Live Tracking

The Real time location of your vehicles can be tracked with the GPS Gateway Tracker.

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SMS and Email Alerts

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email Can be received from the GPS Gateway Tracker in activities.

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Stop your vehicle by SMS

An SMS Can be sent to Stop the vehicle in case of any theft.

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Speed Monitoring on Graph

The Speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle safety and maintenance.

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Mobile App for you

A User Friendly Application which works on Android and IOS Platform to track your vehicles on the go.

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Geofence and Landmarks

A Virtual boundary in terms of fencing can be created to and alerts can be sent when your vehicles enters or leaves a particular Area / Locality.

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Graphical Reports

Reports in the Graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.

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Activity Report

All Activity Reports can be stored into the device through the data received through the GPS Gateway Tracker.

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History Log

The Data for the activity for last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

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We Innovate to Provide the Best Solutions and Services to our customers and we are the Pioneers in GPS Technology . We promise to provide best solutions with maximum Reliablility

What You Get

Benefits In Terms of Savings of Fuel, Enhanced Safety of your Vehicles, Improved Driver Behavior and a Better Customer Services which meets all your Customer Satisfaction Goals.

Meet The Energy

Team at GPS Gateway is all motivated and is cheerful to Help you and provide the Best Support in terms of Selecting the Best Product as per your requirements and also provide the best After Sales Support.


we are the right solution providers to grow your business most effectively.

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