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Advantages of Vehicle Tracking software over Transportation Business.

Today we are leading Vehicle Tracking software provider company in India having excellent Vehicle tracking features. Our Vehicle tracking software is easy to understand, powerful, and helpful as per need to grow your company. At GPS Gateway, we have transparent, scalable and cost effective Vehicle Tracking software that will help you to reduce cost and increase efficiency and security. Whenever your drivers run your vehicle you need to know everything that vehicles are where or your drivers are not doing rush driving or hash braking. your drivers are using those vehicles safely and also need different necessary related reports like distance travelled, moving average speed, trip reports etc. With our vehicle tracking software you can increase work efficiency of your vehicle or get more profit in organization. Over other GPS tracking software we have following major advantages with GPS gateway.

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Live Vehicle Tracking Software Demo

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Live Tracking

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Our vehicle tracking software is a full-automated commercial vehicle GPS tracking software that provide standard process into your transportation business.

  • 1. Live Tracking
  • 2. Play back History
  • 3. High Tracking accuracy
  • 4. Group Monitoring
  • 5. Speed tracking
  • 6. Notifications/alerts
  • 7. Driver behaviour
  • 8. Distance travel calculation
  • 9. Trip reports
  • 10. Point tracking
  • 11. Details Report
  • 12. Find location on map
  • 13. Vehicle Security
  • 14. Historical Data

To learn more about the features and advantages of GPS Gateway’s Vehicle tracking software kindly once go through the demo of our software.

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Before choosing the Vehicle tracking software kindly evaluate following parameters.

1. Does company having their own software either dependent on another GPS software development company or using white label software.

2. In case the third party software provider stop to provide their software support or out of business. What will be the next step to move forward.

3. Is that solution is able to provide accurate, real time tracking or historical data ?

4. Which technologies are they using to make faster web/mobile application ?

5. Is the software you want to start with is really scalable as per industry requirement ?

6. You are going to start with that software is comfortable with all GPS tracking devices either will not support most of the manufacturers ?

7. That vehicle tracking software should be really responsive with every browser of electronic devices like mobile, tabulate, smart TV etc.

Vehicle Tracking Software, GPS Software

We offer latest version of Vehicle tracking software that is really easy understandable user interface and excellent as per user requirement specially design as per transportation.

What exactly does vehicle tracking software do?

Vehicle Tracking software fetch information from the GPS Tracker by using standard server connectivity and represent it in myriad of interesting ways that you able to monitor on screen and operations of your vehicles. While GPS Vehicle tracking software can deliver you all necessary related information like speed, position, ignition, fuel etc. Other information like ideal time, halt report, speed graph and other report our powerful Vehicle tracking software calculate programmatically. Our powerful Vehicle tracking software also send alert to user while your vehicle goes over speed or out side of any virtual boundary.

Will Vehicle tracking software have the capability to track stolen vehicle?

Why not ! this is the ultimate advantage of Vehicle tracking software that it’s capable to provide accurate real time location of your vehicle without any delay. In case of vehicle theft you can easily recover your vehicle with the help of Vehicle tracking system. Imagine your vehicle has been stolen than before informing polish you need to power cut off your vehicle and share accurate location of vehicle to polish department.

Free download Vehicle Tracking software !

We are not providing any desktop application or setup to Free download GPS Vehicle Tracking software. Actually we are a Development company which having a huge Experience of GPS Vehicle tracking software development. We offer SaaS based Vehicle tracking software to our customer by which you can access our Tracking solution from any where by using internet.

Vehicle Tracking software can be accessed from any operation system or any browser using your username , password simply. You are not bounded to use any specific system because our solution is cloud based.

What is Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle Tracking system is a game changing technology for vehicle owners to determine the position of the vehicle. It’s a solution to analysis transportation data of any vehicle. Our web based vehicle tracking software application track the current location of the vehicle along with the storage of previous location database by internet connective. Vehicle tracking system provide you the right to track point to point reporting, mapping of any object.

We GPS Gateway is a Leading Vehicle Tracking software provider company in India, Further if you want to use our GPS Software , you can contact us at

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GPS Gateway covers 99% of client needs for Vehicle Tracking Software therefore most organizations love to use this solution to optimize their vehicle performance and for the purpose of vehicle monitoring.

We are a globally accepted Organization

GPS Gateway is a highly experienced , trusted and globally compatible brand in the field of IoT Platform software development.
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You’ll never have to worry about hardware trackers while using our platform! You can choose from a range of trackers. If a tracker works for you, it works for us too! Experience zero hardware compatibility issues with GPS Gateway!

Available on Android and IOS Mobile platforms.

our software is compatible with most operating systems. you can use this GPS software to track your vehicle with any mobile or computer device.

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