GPS Software, GPS Tracking software, white level GPS Tracking software, GPS Tracking software development

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GPS Software, GPS Tracking software, white level GPS Tracking software, GPS Tracking software development

 GPS Software, GPS software india, GPS Tracking software, GPS Tracking software india,  white level GPS Tracking software, GPS Tracking software development, GPS Tracking software api

A GPS vehicle tracking software solution designed for automatic monitoring real time vehicle location in individual or commercial vehicles with software that collects these fleet tracking data for an organize picture of vehicle use GPS tracking technology for positing the vehicle on this planet. GPS Gateway provides instant GPS fleet tracking in real time with Google Maps. GPS tracking software and updates every 10 seconds when a vehicle is running and every interval time when a vehicle is off.


Most complete GPS receiver program for GPS devices Compatible with more than 300+  GPS manufacturing models Support for all leading manufacturers.

GPS GATEWAY Real-time GPS Software, you fully control and monitor its entire fleet of vehicles and employee time tracking, vehicle speed , travel time and can keep a list.

GPS tracking software is a complete vehicle monitoring system, develop to collect vehicle and GPS location data and visualize it on web/Mobile interface real time.


 Visit the GPS Software section of our website for demonstration of software how it works.  GPS Gateway Cloud-based vehicle tracking software provides access to critical vehicle data from any browser or mobile device.

In summary, the GPS Gateway Software support includes the ability to Track/Visualize/import GPS data, overlay tracks with object speed, Ignition or vector maps, track real time GPS locations, Organize vector Data of GPS playback files, and import/export GPS map formats such as GPX .


 The GPS tracking software uses the GPS Tracking device installed in your vehicle for optimal Vehicle Tracking.

Individual and commercials running status at work or dangerous locations can be tracked with the help of GPS Software anywhere and anytime.

GPS Gateway's Logistics management solution has been invaluable in optimizing our delivery for warehouse and other relat5ed location real time view of the vehicle's location enable ETA management of the vehicles.


We offer White level GPS Tracking solution for resallers and distributors one who want to associate with us and expect software support with long term relationship vision in GPS tracking.



GPS Gateway tracking software in your own Cloud server is very powerful application to capture data get from GPS Device, connect as many devices (fleets ) as you need, modify, extend functionality or develop new device protocols. GPS gateway Vehicle tracking software having latest features according to logistics industry need it support 300+ manufactures and 750+  GPS tracking devices.

GPS Gateway GPS Fleet Tracking grows with your business and enables you to monitor between two and 10,000 devices on the enterprise tracking platform. GPS Gateway Tracking software is capable to listen vehicle data up to 10 times more frequently than other fleet tracking software.



Basically a lot of service provider in GPS Tracking industry but only few of them having their own software because GPS software is having some additional software development technical requirement.

GPS software basically an application which is able to communicate with GPS tracking device to collect data parameters and give instructions to devices. In GPS software Device sends data to sever on their particular enabled port.


In GPS Tracking software it divide into three parts. We explain all three parts of GPS Tracking software.


1. GPS Tracking software Listener :  in this part of application we create an inbound rule on sever to receive data from GPS Device. Basically in terms of GPS Tracking software listener is an application used to listen external data on your server using server IP and port.


2. GPS Tracking software decoder : whenever we retrieved data from device using Listener it’s in Encryption format.  in this part of GPS Tracking software we decode encrypted data received from GPS Tracking device.


3. GPS Tracking software UI : basically in GPS Tracking software user interface we bind all data in systemic format. We also use it for difference kind of reports to monitor and analysis.



GPS tracking software India :  in India GPS Gateway providing Tracking software solutions to their customers and GPS dealers. GPS Tracking software India having various features like live tracking , POI reports and Notification etc. For GPS Tracking software India we have mention demo credentials in our website kindly go through to check all features.


GPS tracking software development : we have dedicated team for GPS Tracking software development actually most of the top market leaders need customize solution according to their company requirement so we offer GPS tracking software development to companies which need their data on their own sever.  We also provide rest api to our customers one who want to implement GPS tracking software development in their company erp or dedicated tracking solution. GPS tracking software cost depend on customer requirement some specific or customize requirement is expensive compare to common tracking solution suppose someone need additional GPS tracking software development then GPS tracking software cost depend on their additional development. We offer source code to our premium customers like we have three difference plan in a plan whenever customer wants application in their own sever then we upload GPS tracking software with source code on their server. In that case GPS tracking software price increase multiple times.


GPS Gateway’s GPS Tracking tracking software white level india is become popular among GPS device distributors , GPS dealers, GPS Manufacturers because we are flexible to work in industry. Let me explain what is abjectly GPS white level software. Most of the companies now these days using white level GPS Tracking software because they don’t want to increase their business expenditure in software development retain server basically white level solution reduce your over all cost of software R&D , bug fixing etc.  In White level basically  company provide software with your company branding like your logo , your web url and your company mobile applications etc. If you are new in GPS business I suggest you to don’t increase your expenditure in application development even if you don’t have more then 3 thousands vehicles. I Recommend you to go thorough our white level GPS Tracking software.  


In our software we release rest api to our customers to get data using http request some large organizations moving forward for automation having their own ERP system need to implement details in their own system using our GPS tracking software api.


 Here we are continuously improving The best GPS tracking software as per industry need and changes. Here on internet you can find list of GPS tracking software but we are difference just because of our experience for many years in GPS Tracking industry. Cost of GPS tracking software India depends on software quality and features. Most of the people use keyword GPS tracking software bangalore for find GPS tracking solution for Fleet tracking. To buy GPS tracking software kindly keep in touch with GPS Gateway we will provider you batter solution.

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Available on Android and IOS Mobile platforms.

our software is compatible with most operating systems. you can use this GPS software to track your vehicle with any mobile or computer device.

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