GPS tracking system Delhi? GPS Gateway, Track anywhere any time

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GPS tracking system Delhi? GPS Gateway, Track anywhere any time

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 GPS car tracking system in Delhi



Global Positioning System (GPS) is a device which is used to locate our location in emergency situations. It was first invented by Ivan. A. Getting and Roger. L. Easton in 1973. It first developed for the United States Defense Systems to locate lost vessels or Aircrafts. Later it was slowly started introduced to the Civilians. But after a lot trails and upgradation it was came into fully functional in 1995. The GPS device works with help of three segments they are space segment, control segment and the user segment. The space segment means the satellites revolve around the earth. The control segment means the stations which is present on the earth and send or receive signals from the satellites or other resources. The user segment is nothing but the GPS unit. At first our GPS device will send a signal into the space that will receive by the satellites revolves around the earth in the orbits. The satellites will have transmitter and a receiver which sends or receive the signals to the Control segment present on the earth. Every GPS unit has its own frequency which is equipped with it. When the same matching frequency receives by the control segment then we can know the exact location. Sometimes due to unavailability of satellites the signals may become weaker. For this you need to get to the highest point to become signal much stronger. The more satellites receive your signal is the more signal become stronger. The development of GPS has increased rapidly in many forms. At first the GPS was used in mobile phones to know the location of your mobile. After that it was introduced to all devices like laptops, personal computers, bicycles, watches, locomotive and Automobiles. Now we can say that there is no such device on the planet without GPS. In early days it has quite difficult to find the lost elements like Devices, Cars etc. But with the help of GPS it was become very simple all need you is the GPS code of your device. If we enter the code in our control device it shows the location of the exact unit. The GPS is introduced to the Automobiles like Trucks, Cars etc. With the help of GPS unit, we can track our vehicle very easily. In all models of cars now a days GPS is fitted in it. With Help of GPS we can track our vehicle and its exact position. Let me tell you how? When your car is stolen from your parking lot which has GPS unit in it. Directly we can go the Control Unit and enter your GPS code it will shows the exact location and criminals will bought behind the bars. Now a day with more upgradation the GPS is linked with the Mapping system which will not our location but also how to reach the destination. Let me explain very clearly if you are in Hyderabad and it’s your first in Hyderabad you may find difficulty in finding the routes with the help of Google Maps and GPS unit in your car it will become very easy. All you need to do is enter your current location and destination to be reached. Some your current location will take it by itself through your GPS unit. It will show the different and current traffic status. The GPS mapping system will show you the easy and possible way to reach your destination it will show n number of routes and all you need to do is pick the right route. The routes will show in blue, grey, red and yellow colors. The blue route is the easy and possible route which you can go easily in very less time you can reach your destination. The grey line will offer you the second option in case if needed. Whereas the red lines indicate that there is huge traffic in that area and warns you it will also shoe the estimated time that you will reach your destinations. The yellow lines show that there is moderate traffic in your area and it will show the average time to reach your destinations. It is not limited up to the city only it is available in every place on the planet. All you need is proper GPS Signal. Suppose you are going to a long drive in some Hilly and Forest area in your car which has GPS signal in it. You are not aware of the area and you can’t take the help from others having a drought that they may guide you in the wrong way. This problem is solved with help of GPS unit if you enter the current location and destination it will show the number of routes that will take you out very safely now a day many of the long rides are going with the help of GPS device only. Not only in finding was the routes but also it used in taxi services also. For example, Uber Cab Services, it runs on the GPS system. You can see the number of taxi services around your location and get the estimated fare and you can track the cab is at which location. After getting to the cab you may have doubt about the driver whether he’s taking in the correct direction or not. The GPS location is directly linked to your mobile app so that you can watch in which direction the driver is going if it’s an emergency situation we can contact the police for help. Many of the women and girls is travelling in India in every time so confidently means that credit will goes to GPS device in Cars and to the police forces. If you decided to start a cab services first you need to register at the nearby police station their they will provide you the registration code which is directly linked to your GPS Unit. If you have any problem while driving in the cab and suspected any wrong move by the driver just one click the police will track your GPS signal and you will be in Safe hands. You believe it or not over 10 billion people on the planet are using GPS devices for their necessary needs.                    


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