Car tracking system @3000/- only Call: 8630136425, car tracking system, car tracking device in India, car tracking device online, car tracking device price

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Car tracking system @3000/- only Call: 8630136425, car tracking system, car tracking device in India, car tracking device online, car tracking device price

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Car tracking system is system in which a car tracking machine combines using automated vehicle place in character automobiles with software program that collects these fleet statistics for a complete image of vehicle places. In car tracking system, Modern car monitoring structures normally use gps or glonass technology for finding the automobile, however other forms of computerized automobile place generation can also be used.  

Several kinds of car tracking devices exist. Normally they're categorized as "passive" and "energetic". "passive" devices shop gps area, velocity, heading and once in a while a cause event inclusive of key on/off, door open/closed. Once the automobile returns to a predetermined point, the tool is removed and the records downloaded to a laptop for assessment. Passive systems include car down load type that switch records via wireless down load. "active" devices accumulate the same statistics but commonly transmit the information in near-real-time via networks of mobiles to a laptop or facts middle for evaluation.

Traditionally, a car tracking system, in which car monitoring has been executed by way of putting in a container into the vehicle, either self-powered with a battery or stressed out into the car's strength machine. For designated car locating and monitoring that is still the fundamental method; but, many corporations are an increasing number of interested by the emerging cell phone technology that provide tracking of more than one entities, such as both a shop clerk and their vehicle. Those structures additionally provide monitoring of calls, texts, net use and generally provide a much wider range of alternatives.

 Car tracking systems are typically used by fleet operators for fleet management features consisting of fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board records and protection. Some automobile monitoring systems are bundled with or interface with fleet management software program. Together with business fleet operators, urban transit organizations use the era for some of purposes.

Car tracking system is a useful and necessary system by which you can keep your car safe and secure.

Our  Car Tracking system having following Features:



The Real time location of your vehicles can be tracked with the GPS Gateway tracker.


The speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle safety and maintenance.


Reports in the graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.


Alerts in the form of SMS /EMAIL can be received from the GPS Gateway tracker in activities.


A user-friendly application which works on android and ios platform to track your vehicles on the go.


All activity reports can be stored into the device through the data received through the GPS Gateway tracker.


An SMS can be sent to stop the vehicle in case of any theft.


A virtual boundary in terms of fencing can be created and alerts can be sent when your vehicles enters or leaves a particular area / locality.


The data for the activity for last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.


We are providing GPS tracking services in Sirsa for long time Please feel free to right us. We are providing on side installation and warranty also along with device.



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