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We offer White Label GPS Software.

GPS Gateway offers a white label GPS Tracking Software, We are supporting companies to set up their own corporate identity (name and logo) with the regional localized language. Also with the software, we provide all the necessary Support, Training, and Technical Updates for our customers. We have a complete team of experts who will support all Technical Aspects of your business.

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GPS Gateway | The Complete Fleet Monitoring Software

vehicle utilization

Reduces Operational Costs

With Multiple Reports offered in our White-labeled GPS Tracking software gives us optimal utilization of fleet and thus enabling to reduce the Operational Cost.

Reduces Orprational cost through GPS Software
Control Through Software
improve safety by GPS Software

Improve Safety

Safety of Operation is ensured by features such as Live tracking, Engine Immobilization and Parking mode enable Safety of the Fleet.

Ensures Faster Delivery

With Route monitoring Feature of our White Label GPS Tracking software ensures that

Faster Delivery by GPS Software

there is no deviation from the routes and avoids any delays in shipments.

Reduces Maintenance Cost

Our GPS Tracking Software Enables the use of Health and Diagnostics Parameters which indicates breakdown and Preventive

Reduces Maintenance Cost by GPS Gateway

maintenance Schedules of vehicles and leads to reduction in breakdown and maintenance cost of the Fleet.

Reduce Fuel Consumption By GPS Gateway

Reduce Fuel Consumption

With our GPS Tracking software it ensures there is no unauthorized use of the fleet and thus saving the costs on fuel.

vehicle utilization

Increased Customer Satisfaction

GPS Tracking Software Provides the best in class Fleet Management Solutions which also includes Sharing of Details with the customers and stake holders, Ensuring on time deliveries with best services.

Speed Monitoring by GPS Software
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User Experience of the Software


GPS Gateway Tracking Software

Powerful Business Intelligence

Our GPS Tracking Software which is offered as white label GPS Tracking software is supported by live support, Mobile Accessibility with Reliability of Google Maps which enables you to Keep a Birds Eye View over your business and Enables to increase the overall efficiency of operation and also helps to reduce the cost, powers your business and Protects your Fleet.

The Complete
Fleet Management Tool

Today’s Business Needs of the End Customer are not defined by only tracking locations of the vehicles it is defined by the bigger business challenges. GPS Gateway provides the complete solutions to the Fleet owners which enables them to optimization the operational cost by reducing the fuel cost, maintenance cost and delivery time by providing the deep real time insights to the operations into their fleet .

Rest API & i-frame

We generally offer customer-centric solutions you can access through Rest API and I-frame which help you to Integrate software with your solution.

Your Branding

These powerful tools we will deliver to you with your own branding that represents you as an independent IoT platform company.

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The key to success for your organization our development team always welcomes new ideas and we are continuously working for innovation.

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Features | The Complete Fleet Monitoring Software

GPS Tracking & monitoring Software

Tracking & monitoring

Live Tracking & monitoring with the multiple maps graphical view using any platform that helps you to identify object location.

GPS History tracking Software

Vehicle History

Graphical, Report & map Vehicle-driven history along with all necessary details like stoppage, Overspeed, and other alerts.

Route Optimization Software

Route Optimization

Software AI algorithm itself with the functionality of best suitable route recommendation to save vehicle performance utilization.

Fuel Monitoring Software

Fuel, Temprature etc. Reports

The Reporting system of GPS Gateway's GPS Software allows you an advanced reporting system for the sensors data.

Geofencing GPS Software

Geofence & POI Marking

Virtual boundaries as a GEOfencing and marking of any point and other related features necessary for the multiple use cases.

Timeline Tracking

Tracking Timeline

The complete timeline tracking is an advanced detailing functionality for the fleet observation that absolutely helps the companies.

GPS Data analytics Software

Data Analytics & Insights

GPS Gateway is the company that allow users to the complete vehicle-related data analytics insights custom dashboard.

GPS Tracking software reports

Reporting System

A powerful Reporting engine we have developed according to the different industries use cases that help for custom report sending, monitoring and downloading.

GPS Software mobile application

Mobile, browser & Email notifications

Alerts on vehicle theft, Overspeed, and other events like geofencing in/out, engine start, and many more using cutting-edge technology.

software for gps tracking

Rest API & I-Frame

Along with API to integrate Tracking and other functionality with any other software or to the government, GPS Gateway also offers I-frame Tracking.

gps software companies

Multi Language

GPS Gateway is the Global platform that acquires users from the entire world it's compatible with most used languages.

real time gps tracking software

Maintience Reminder

Vehicle health-related alerts and recommendations software itself sends to the user on time for better vehicle health & maintenance.


The Industrial segment where we serve

The platform that we are providing uses in most of the industries with the different use cases and we help organizations to offer solutions according to the industrial needs.

  • Commercial Vehicle

  • heavy equipment

  • Container tracking

  • Personal Vehicle

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Waste & Recycling

  • Child & Family Mambers

  • School Transportation

  • Field Sales & Services

  • Pets Tracking

  • vessel tracking

  • Cash Van & banking

  • Emergency & Security

  • Passenger Transport

  • FMCG

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Vessel Shipment Tracking Software
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GPS Vehicle Tracking Software
Public Transport Tracking software
GPS Software for FMCG

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Solution for Electric Vehicle & Upcoming Technology

We are developing powerful AI-Enabled Technology, which can monitor and regulate the detection of Electric Vehicle eco-system like battery voltages, temperature, capacity, state of charge, power consumption, remaining operating time, charging cycles. Our Solution's EV module is mainly designed for electric vehicle entire needs and use cases.

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Why Should you use Vehicle Tracking Software ..?

You should use GPS vehicle tracking Software to tracking, monitoring and managing your vehicle or fleet. GPS Vehicle Tracking Software is a very useful solution, as enable the real-time location, monitor the speed of your vehicle and manage all the activities of your vehicle with a click of a button of your mobile, pc, tablets etc. this technology is very innovative and useful which keeps you updated with all the information regarding your vehicle in a very easy way.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software in India

GPS vehicle tracking software is a very useful Solution all over the world. With every passing day, GPS Tracking Software is becoming more popular. GPS Vehicle Tracking Software has a very vast scope in India. GPS Gateway is the leading GPS Tracking Software provider in India. Being a leading White label GPS Tracking Software company, GPS Gateway provides the best and reliable GPS Tracking platform services all over India.

We are available with our best GPS Tracking Server Platform in every part of India. GPS Gateway has a team of skilled GPS Software development team. We provide a user-friendly environment to our customers. GPS Gateway provides GPS vehicle tracking Software not only in India but globally at a very affordable price.

GPS vehicle tracking Software platform brought lots of changes, as this technology makes the transportation business very easy. As the security of vehicles is a very big concern for vehicle owners, GPS vehicle tracking Software play a very crucial role to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

You will get many features with GPS Gateway Software like live tracking, speed monitoring, alerts, data analytics, geofencing, activity reports, stop your vehicle by Application and email alerts, graphical reports, mobile app, history log, etc. these features make the GPS Gateway Software more useful and convenient to the customers.

Advantages of GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking Software.

1. Reduce operating expenses :

with the GPS Gateway Tracking Software, you can optimize your resources with minimum expenses. GPS Gateway Tracking Software allows you to monitor the best and shortest routes for your fleet. fortunately, GPS Tracking Software helps you to reduce unnecessary overtime costs and fuel consumption.

2. Save time :

it’s a very famous dialog “Time is money” . In Transport and logistics business people realize that time is how much value for them. In the metro cities like Delhi a lot of traffic on their roads when your vehicle gets stuck in the traffic several times. With our GPS Gateway Tracking Software, your vehicle administration will be able to guide the drivers to avoid busy routes on a real-time tracking basis advance Route optimization module.

3. Reduce downtime :

Reducing downtime is a reason to increase the profit and productivity of a transportation business. GPS Gateway Tracking Software will help you to schedule trips more efficiently and reducing the downtime of your fleets.

4. Optimize resources :

GPS Gateway Fleet tracking Software optimizes your resources by using GPS tracking Monitoring Software and choose the right nearby assets according to the particular nearby location. GPS Tracking Software can help you to Track your fleets and get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, Vehicle idling, etc. in Real-time. With a Data Monitoring analytics report in the Fleet Management system, you can optimize your vehicles and save a huge cost.

5. Maximize vehicle utilization :

in transport and logistics most out of your transportation fleets by using GPS Gateway Tracking Software. Your fleet Administrator will be able to use analytics Report Generated by GPS Gateway Tracking Software to eliminate reduce over-speeding, vehicle idle time, and decrease fuel consumption.

6. Keep your customers happy :

using GPS Tracking Software you are able to check the ETA (Estimate arrival time) of any vehicle. Basically, it’s a very useful step to transparency in the system to retain your customer happy.

7. Be more predictable :

Using Vehicle Tracking Software along with your vehicle you have totally monitoring rights of a particular vehicle. Your fleet manager will be able to provide predictable reports to your customer that will absolutely advantage of GPS Tracking Software.

8. Manage your field staff and drivers effectively :

GPS Tracking solution will help your Administrator to manage your drivers effectively. Administrators can observe analytics report from the GPS Tracking software monitoring system, analyze them and take corrective actions whenever necessary.

9. Optimize financial management :

Using GPS Tracking Software in your Fleet any Transportation company can be able to organization their vehicle route with powerful GPS Tracking software and its analytical data. Companies will be able to optimize their funds and allocate their budget accordingly. The GPS Tracking software analytics log data allows you to review the routes taken by your drivers.

10. Superior route planning :

With the help of GPS Tracking software collected analytics Data, A Transporter can identify the right route that will help him to save time and resources also. Smart route decisions will optimize unproductive work and reduce unnecessary fuel expenses.

11. Increase the number of trips :

GPS Gateway Tracking Software helps you to organize all things systemically to plan to batter your fleet trips. Your vehicle Administration will be able to assign tasks to drivers whenever they are in an idle situation. That is the reason why GPS Tracking Software is useful to increase the number of trips in your fleet. Ultimately your business depends on the productivity of your resources.

12. Locate your assets :

With GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Software, you can locate your stolen fleets in no time. GPS Gateway vehicle tracking Software is along with advanced Tracking features such as engine temperature indicators, fuel level indicators, vehicle diagnostics. You can also view engine oil and the overall health of your fleet. So, you don’t have to spend funds on your vehicle's regular check-up on maintenance.

13. Reduce maintenance costs :

Advance GPS Tracking Software having the inbuilt facility to monitor vehicle health with advanced features you can track such as vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicator. So, the company can able to reduce maintenance costs as well.

14. Ease of use :

GPS Tracking Software having with really nice user experience along with all vehicle tracking data on the cloud by which you can monitor your vehicle real-time on your computer, laptop, mobile, tablets or other gadgets. Having your vehicle tracking database on the cloud your administrator will be able to view reports anywhere at any time within few single clicks. You just need to log in with your user authentication credentials on the web-based application or GPS Tracking mobile application.

15. Get timely Alerts :

by using some previous pre-define supported commands by GPS Tracking Software you can easily communicate with Backend. Basically, it’s a two-way communication process if you want an alert then the GPS Tracking device is able to send alert messages regularly to your platform.

16. Improve Safety

From a safety point of view, GPS Tracking Software is the ultimate solution to secure your fleet. A geo fencing feature in which you can create a virtual boundary of geographical location and whenever your vehicle goes out of that boundaries you will automatically get an alert on your appointed number. In a two-way communication relay fitted device you can give the command to your vehicle by using process and ignition off your vehicle at the same time. Hiving total control of your vehicle it’s a good option to secure your vehicle.

17. Reduce paperwork :

in GPS Tracking Software your all vehicle data is in Digital format so you are not using any kind of paper and perform your all required activities digitally.

18. Be competitive

By using a new GPS Tracking technology you will be able to compete with your competitors. With fleet management software your company performs well in comparison to other traditional transporters. GPS Tracking system will help you provide the best customer support and keep your employees happy as well.

GPS Gateway – Best GPS Tracking Software provider company offers Worldwide white label GPS Software to track your vehicle in real-time for all transporters and logistics companies or individuals. If you are interested to get started with GPS Gateway please contact an executive who will assist you professionally with all Details about the GPS Tracking software .

GPS Gateway Tracking applications are also used to offer customers with CAR GPS real-time statistics as to the waiting time till the arrival of the following bus or tram/street car at a given stop, based at the nearest cars' actual progress at the time, instead of merely giving facts as to the scheduled time of the next arrival. transit structures presenting this kind of records assign a completely unique wide variety to every forestall and waiting passengers can obtain statistics by means of entering the prevent variety into an automatic telephone system or software at the transit machine's internet site.

GPS Gateway provides the best and reliable GPS Software or Vehicle Tracking Software at a very affordable price. This tracking software can easily be integrated with your fleet or vehicles. this GPS Software is very useful in ensuring your actual location or real-time location. With the help of these GPS Software users, will feel very secure.

GPS Gateway provided you with very useful GPS Software which is very handy in protecting your vehicles /fleets from security threats. they take care of your vehicle in a very effective way. nowadays security of vehicles is a big concern, you heard the lots of news of stolen vehicles from parking and from other places, by using GPS Gateway Software you feel very secure, you can park your vehicle anywhere from your choice.

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You’ll never have to worry about hardware trackers while using our platform! You can choose from a range of trackers. If a tracker works for you, it works for us too! Experience zero hardware compatibility issues with GPS Gateway!

Available on Android and IOS Mobile platforms.

our software is compatible with most operating systems. you can use this GPS software to track your vehicle with any mobile or computer device.

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