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Get Start with World's Best GPS Track app Software. We offer Vehicle tracking Solution with your Own Brand name and Logo. Accurate location and GPS Tracking made Easy by this Software. Stay in touch with our professional assistance for more details.


Features with GPS Track app software

Software Features

Real-Time GPS Tracking

With Our GPS Track app software it's quite easy to locate location with real latitude & longitude details. Access Vehicle current location from anywhere by just pointing on Map.


In our GPS Track app software we have many types of useful reports related to your locations history. By these reports you can be able to save much time in decision making.

Safety concern

It provides safety by letting you know about any required location. By this you can assume the surrounding situation of that location.

History View

GPS Gateway's GPS Track app software provides you a graphical interface to view history, which could be helpful in maintaining records.

Push Notifications

With our solution your end user will be notify by various methods like push notification, web notification, SMS and e-mail.


It is a location based service in which a creator of app/platform/software uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to send/trigger messages like SMS and E-mail.

Application Features

White Label GPS Track app provides you with your own brand name and logo.

Minimal Design

Design of our application is very user friendly and Best-in-Class as per user experience.

Easy to Use

GPS Gateway application is having a very good rating in user experience.

Fast Loading

We are using AWS servers for running this application with a very strong infrastructure.

Graphical Interface

GPS Gateway - Geocoding Google software represent application in graphical interface to navigate easily.

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Advantages with GPS Gateway

We are providing world class cost effective White Label GPS Track app software.

White Label Solution

We the "GPS Gateway" always known as the White label GPS Track app software provider with your own branding.

Open to Customize

We are flexible to do customization in our solution to make better user experience for our customers.

Data Backup

Our GPS Track app platform save your locations data on cloud to make user free from maintaining backup locally.

Easy to resale

GPS Track app software designed as per national level user involvement with custom rights that can be easily resold.

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Application Features

We have all advanced features required for corporate like reports, history of vehicle tracking and replay mode.

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Get GPS Track app with your own Identity

Find GPS Track app on Google Play Store and App Store.

GPS Gateway provides the best GPS Track app software customisation services. You will never get disappointed for any of your requirements. We had some complicated requirements, seemed to us impossible to fulfill. But when we put our proposal in front GPS Gateway they immediately started working on it and we were amazed, it actually got fulfilled more than our expectation.

Mr. Santosh Tamang

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We are impressed by the mobile application user interface. If you are looking around for any compatible software for your device and not able to choose because of lack of options in the applications then you must consult GPS Gateway. They will integrate your device with their software.

Sunil Singh

LiBi Technologies GPS
We have multiple GPS tracker software providers but GPS Gateway is one of the best among them. The quality of the software, easy accessibility, multi functions that makes it the perfect software for the device. Apart from these, the 24*7 support service for the customers is unconditional.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is GPS Track app?

GPS Track app software is the GPS Tracking software used to track location of Vehicle in the world of your concern with the help of our Software. It uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS satellites) to know the vehicle or equipment's location at all times. The information that is gathered from the vehicle is then stored on the device location. Here data is then transmitted by using a wireless or cellular network through internet service providers like Airtel and Jio.

Yes ..! right now our GPS Track app software solution already running in 50+ countries. This software design as per international standard.

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  • Latitude & Longitude Tracking
  • 750+ GPS Tracking Companies
  • 125 + Resellers
  • History reports
  • Multiple Languages

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GPS Track App

GPS tracking system specially used to get latitude & longitude location by Map's interface, track Vehicle and get record of searched Vehicles on the basis of software reported data. Vehicle tracking system may be along with difference module like GPS Tracking, time calculation, route tracking or expenses tracking etc. Vehicle tracking system is used by companies for following purpose better customer support, Vehicle accuracy, etc. Vehicle tracking system now these days widely used by technology companies.

Advantages of GPS Track App

  • We need it to get location accuracy.
  • Zero wastage of time on contacting each and every person.
  • Zero chances of location error (wrong location address).
  • Increase your business's efficiency and effectiveness.
  • With Google maps latest updates maps are available.
  • Effective Value for money costing software.
  • Customisation according to customer's need.

Why we need it?

  • Stolen recovery.
  • Police services.
  • Monitoring delivery time.
  • Personal purpose.
  • Search for local services.
  • Shed safety worries.
  • Live location sharing is very necessary at times and not so needed on the other times.
  • Staying an eye on law suspects.

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