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GPS Gateway Features

We offer world class features in feet Managment soltions to Track any where any time.

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Real Time / Live Tracking

The Real time location of your vehicles can be tracked with the GPS Gateway Tracker.

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SMS and Email Alerts

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email Can be received from the GPS Gateway Tracker in activities.

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Stop your vehicle by SMS

An SMS Can be sent to Stop the vehicle in case of any theft.

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Speed Monitoring on Graph

The Speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle safety and maintenance.

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Mobile App for you

A User Friendly Application which works on Android and IOS Platform to track your vehicles on the go.

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Geofence and Landmarks

A Virtual boundary in terms of fencing can be created to and alerts can be sent when your vehicles enters or leaves a particular Area / Locality.

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Graphical Reports

Reports in the Graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.

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Activity Report

All Activity Reports can be stored into the device through the data received through the GPS Gateway Tracker.

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History Log

The Data for the activity for last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

GPS is the terminology used for Global Positioning System and was invented by US Department of Defense used exclusively for military operations in the Year of 1970s and currently is being used by the technology for civilian usage. It is used currently for tracking of the objects, vehicles and manpower on the real time basis.
The GPS Tracking System works through a GPS Device Connected to Wire ( Length of the wire Depends on the requirements of the customer ) which is connected to the device which needs to be tracked using a software which stores the data and gives the required output.
The Installation requires 30-40 minutes and our technicians are expert to handle all kinds of vehicles to provide the best output through the Device.
GPS Gateway products are designed to meet the different needs and requirements of different business and thus GPS Gateway provide customer Solutions to meet the different requirements and challenges for every business.
This is mobile Friendly Solution and can work on both Android and Apple Devices.