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GPS tracking vehicle system is also particularly useful for car taxi services, bus services, logistic companies, transportation companies as they have a large number of vehicles to manage and need an effective means to keep a track on them. The GPS tracker can be used to track the location of any vehicle in their fleet at any point of time. It can be connected to an application in the mobile, pc, desktop panel, through which vehicle movement through the roads can be seen. The GPS tracker is durable, reliable, compact and helps management find out how their employees are using their vehicles.


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real time GPS tracker     Real time GPS Tracker is a device which is helpful in finding the lost things with their real time location.  Real time GPS tracker can be used in any vehicle, Locomotive, and Aircraft. Real time GPS tracker can be used for navigation purpose also.  Real time GPS tracker was not only use for navigation purpose it was also used for many other purposes like tracking the business and consumers, ...

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CAR TRACKING SYSTEM Car tracking system is system in which a car tracking machine combines using automated vehicle place in character automobiles with software program that collects these fleet statistics for a complete image of vehicle places. In car tracking system, Modern car monitoring structures normally use gps or glonass technology for finding the automobile, however other forms of computerized automobile place generation can also be used.   Several kinds of car tracking devices exist. Normally they're categorized as "passive" and "energetic". "passive" devices shop gps area, velocity, heading and once in a while a cause event inclusive of key on/off, door open/closed. Once the automobile returns to a predetermined point, the tool is removed and the records downloaded to a laptop for assessment. Passive systems include car down load type that switch records v ...